CG Net challenges Nepal’s ISP industry with the fastest and Cheapest Plans.


“The Fastest & Cheapest internet, you can ever get”

In this period of COVID pandemic, Internet is also playing a vital role as everything is getting digitized. CG is here with good news – fastest and cheapest internet service in Nepal. CG has been trying to up its game in the communication sector by providing free voice calls and data at half the price but they have been unable to get a unified license that will allow them to launch both GSM and CDMA networks. However, the company focused to cable internet and now have launched CG NET, a fiber internet service in Nepal. Have a brief look at their packages, prices, and FUP in this article.

CG Fiber Internet Service Plans

With the slogan “Speed that Matters”, CG Net has been claiming to offer fast internet at lowest rates for the consumers, and finally, the wait is over. The company has just released Introductory Offers.CG NET provides both residential and business internet solutions. As per claim, if CG NET provides Nepal’s fastest internet service for approximately half the price of what other ISPs charge, then it could be taking over the whole internet scene of Nepal in upcoming days.

Isn’t the speed on offer for the price incredible? CG Net is providing 120Mbps plans to its customers which is the highest bandwidth internet available to home-based plans in Nepal. Challenging all other existing ISP, CG Net is here with exciting packages and plans.

Following table shows the comparison of CG Net’s 120Mbps internet plans with other ISPs.

*Note: The prices are TSC inclusive and 13% VAT is applicable on the plan prices.

One-time charge

CG Net is also providing flexibility to subscribe to monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual plans. It means it is not only cheaper, but the company also offers exciting service compare to other ISPs.

Here is the one-time installation charge of CG Net.

Installation ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Single Band Router250020001500Free
Dual Band Router350030002500Free
Refundable deposit500500500500

*Note: The prices are TSC inclusive and 13% VAT is applicable on the plan prices.

You do not have to pay any charge for installation and drop wire for any of the plans, but you will have to pay for routers. According to the policy, the refundable deposit will be returned when subscriber returns the router in working condition. Furthermore, no additional cost for a dual-band router in the yearly plan though. To compare, Worldlink also offers it for free while Vianet currently charges NPR 3,100 for its 5GHz Wi-Fi add-on.

What is Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is well practiced worldwide by ISP companies. This allows them to limit or reduce Internet speeds on unlimited plans to prevent misuse or excessive use of bandwidth provided.  FUP is simply aimed to secure we provide a quality internet experience to all our customers and to ensure no customers are deprived by the behavior of others. CG Net has also made clear about the detail its Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

FUP LevelFUP Speed PolicyData Usage Quota
Original Data Bandwidth120 MBPS Original SpeedData Consumption to 1900 GB
Level 150% of originalData Consumption 1900-2000 GB
Level 230% of originalData Consumption 2000-2100 GB
Level 310% of originalData Consumption More than 2100 GB

 CG NET Coverage

Currently it provides services only in few areas of Lalitpur like Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, and Ekantakuna. Fortunately, it plans to expand to all three districts in Kathmandu Valley within a year. CG Net’s head office is situated at Trade Tower Business Center,Thapathali. CG NET will be extending its coverage to all over the Kathmandu valley in the upcoming months.

CG’s Strong Interest in Telecommunication Sector

CG NET already looks remarkable and no doubt CG has already invested heavily in this sector. Despite the intent and investment, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has been declining the unified license to CG Telecom citing that the company has not completed all of the legal procedures. The problem is the license fee. NTA is asking to pay NPR 20 billion in advance for the license. Nevertheless, the latter wants to pay it in installments declaring that the Doorsanchaar Ain allows it to do so.

Though CG has not been able to enter the telecommunication sector, they have shown a strong aim with their entry into the ISP market.

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