Brave Browser Launching its Own Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Brave Browser logo

I am sure most of the people who are reading this already know about Brave Browser. If not, then let me tell you in short! Brave Browser is a free, open-source, and privacy-focused browser built on top of chromium. Even if it’s made on top of Chromium it is completely safe and fast and moreover, blocks ads and website trackers that are built right into the browser. Another best thing about Brave is it provides you with cryptocurrency BAT which stands for Basic Attention Token. You can literally donate, use or take the cryptocurrency yourself in the form of crypto as well as cash.

Many companies claim Google to have a monopoly on the Internet, from search to almost everything that exists on the Internet. Many rivals came and gone, but Brave is not the same because it actually focuses on users’ privacy rather than anything. Google Chrome rival Brave browser is now on the way to make their own search engine which won’t be like Google Search. According to them, it will be completely private with filters which they call Goggles.

What it actually does is that it will allow people to create a series of sources where search results are pulled from. They can also filter to show only reviews or from an independent media source. With brave being one of the best browsers in the market, its no doubt that their search engine will also able to compete with Google search engine just in terms of privacy.

Making a search engine takes a lot of resources and money. With Google being in the market for around a decade they were able to index and built a powerful search engine which led them to be on top. Currently, Brave Search has opened their waiting list to notify users when the search engine goes live. I am definitely switching to it after its launch and try all the awesome features it has to provide.



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