Apple To Have A Launch Event On November 10th

apples one more thing event

Apple has announced that it will launch new products on November 10th. The event has been named “One More Thing”. Apple previously launched an iPad and a smartwatch in September. During a similar event in October Apple launched its new iPhones and a Homepod mini. So, the November 10th event marks the third event in what Apple CEO Tim Cook calls Apple’s most prolific product introduction period ever. Tim Cook may be hinting at more upcoming events. It will also be a virtual event just like the previous two as COVID 19 is still a big threat.

Most tech enthusiasts strongly believe the upcoming event is going to be all about Macbook. This year’s Macbook launch is going to be interesting as it will be the first laptop to be launched after Apple ditched Intel as its long time supplier of processors. The new Macbook is going to be an ARM-based CPU developed by Apple on its own. Apple’s new silicon chips are based on Apple’s new smartphone chipset named A14 Bionic Chip which is already used in the iPhone 12 series and 4th generation iPad air.  Intel had been having many production issues which probably prompted Apple to take the decision. It was also seen as a move by Apple to ensure they have more control over how their products are built. Anyway, this launch will be seen as a step towards all Apple’s lineup being supported by the custom chipset. This should allow Apple to launch computers faster. CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple will be fully supporting its lineup with the custom chipset. The custom chipset being used in the new MacBook will allow users to use software designed for iPhones and iPads on the Mac computer. This will bring iOS, iPadOS, and macOS closer than ever before. We’re also going to get the macOS Big Sur update very soon. 

A recent report indicates that Apple will launch three new laptops. These laptops are likely going to be:

  • 13 inch MacBook air
  • 13 inch MacBook pro
  • 16 inch Mack pro

Other devices previously rumored to be launched during the upcoming event are AirTags and AirPod studio. AirPod studio is an over-ear headphone and is a new and unique addition to Apple’s AirPod lineup. But AirPod studio’s launch has most probably been pushed back. AirTags are a location tracking device that will help you find lost objects like keys, luggage, tools, e.t.c.  This product was accidentally confirmed by Apple in April 2020. There is still a very good chance of AirTags being launched in the event about to be held on November 10th.


Some people are also expecting a very cool surprise like an Apple TV from this event. It is highly unlikely this will happen but the Apple Watch SE being launched in the September event was also a big surprise. So, anything is possible.

Apple’s Youtube channel will live-stream this event. The event will be held at 10:00 AM  PST (Pacific Standard Time). The Nepalese Apple fans will be able to watch the event at 11:45 PM, November 10th.





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