Apple Researching to Make Self Cleansing “Apple Glass”

self cleaning apple glass above the macbook with apple logo

 Nowadays, when we often use glasses, we carry a handkerchief or a small cloth that comes with the glasses. Now, Apple is researching to make “Apple Glass” with a self-cleaning feature.

Dirt and stains on these glasses will be cleaned automatically. Apple is about to add such features to the new smart glass product.

Agаin, detаils аre scаrce on how exаctly Apple Glаss would do this, yet the pаtent hints аt а gadget which could utilize vibrаtions to freely eliminate dust аnd soil – which appears logicаl, we presume.

The company, which has already registered a new patent for smart glass, has dubbed the automatic cleaning feature ‘Optical Modules’.

The system is trying to make the glasses clean by itself as the glasses will be scratched while cleaning using a cloth-like now.




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