Apple Airtag is More Useful Than You Think

Apple Airtag Price in Nepal, Specifications, Features, and Availability

It is the time of that year where apple announces a bunch of products. Apple recently held its first online event of 2021 that is known as the Spring Loaded event which is an online event where the brand launched three of its new products. The Apple AirTag, colorful iMacs, iPad Pro 11 inches, and iPad Pro12.9 inches. But in this article, we will be talking about the AirTag price in Nepal and what it can actually do.

Apple AirTag

AirTags, the new product from Apple is very apple-like; the simplicity, the branding, and the ecosystem. Here the look has not much to say about it. It is circular, has an Apple logo upfront and some texts around it. Moreover, if you buy it from the official Apple Store you can customize the face that will show up at the back of the AirTag. The product is a little circular disk with Bluetooth and a UWB chip and is juiced by a small standard CR2032 battery cell and is interestingly replaceable. Apple claims that the battery will last for a year.

When you take the AirTag out from the box and open the cover it gives a beeping sound and then you can pair it to your iPhone 11 or 12 having iOS 14.5 or more. You just need to keep the tag right beside or under the phone and the NFC in it will do the magic thing happen just like you did on Airpods. Also, you need to mark the product you are going to attach it to when it is paired. For example: if you are keeping the tag in the Bag or in a Keychain then you need to mark it as Bag or Keys respectively. After the setup is done it will show on the Items tab of the Find My app.

Apple AirTag Price in Nepal, Front View and Back View of Apple Airtags
Front View and Rear View of Apple AirTag

You can make your AirTags to make a sound, locate the AirTag, or just mark them as lost if you ever lost them. It can locate the Apple AirTag in the physical space and point an arrow accurately at it when you are inside 30ft range. Remember the feature only works on the latest iPhones with UWB in it. When you mark it as lost the app will take you to fill a little detail about yourself and then whenever any user with an NFC device finds it then they can scan the Apple AirTag and see your details to inform you. It works in a very clever technology and ecosystem in iOS devices. Our own big YouTuber MKBHD will explain to you in detail about the system and how it works.

Apple AirTag Price in Nepal

The price of Apple AirTag in Nepal is expected to be NPR 4500 without including any accessories. Whereas, if you want to buy any accessories then you might want to check out the prices of each of the accessories below.

ProductPrice in USPrice in Nepal (Expected)
AirTag (Without accessories)$29NPR 4500
3 AirTags Combo$99NPR 15,000
Leather Loop$39NPR 5500
Polyurethane Loop$29NPR 4500
Leather Key Ring$35NPR 5000



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