Android Out of Huawei Flagship


The Chinese technology sector, which has been plagued by US trade sanctions, has become more optimistic with the arrival of Joy Biden. But the Chinese administration’s hopes have been dashed as its approach to Chinese technology has become even tougher. 

Meanwhile, Huawei has announced plans to cut its phone production this year and focus on mid-range phones. Huawei phones that have recently been built or are under construction have been cut off from Android’s operating system and Google’s popular services. 

But Huawei is also preparing to launch a new solution in the form of Harmony OS software to promote itself. Huawei has been developing the Harmony operating system for many years.

Initially, it was developed for use on the Internet of Things, or IoT platform. But after Android broke up, Huawei insisted on using it on smartphones as well. 


Just yesterday, Huawei unveiled its foldable smartphone Mate X2. At the same ceremony, the company announced that the Harmony operating system will be available in its flagship phones from next April. 

The company has already used this operating system in smart speakers, watches, and other devices. From April, it will also be used in smartphones. 

The company has unveiled the Mate X to Google service free Android OS phone. But it could also be upgraded to Harmony OS from April, he said.

Not only on the Mate X2, but the company has also announced OS updates for other flagship phones from the same time. 




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