4 Lakh 25 Thousand Internet Users Added in Nepal in One Month

Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Recently, the use of the internet in Nepal has been increasing significantly. With the development of technology and the ease it brings, people are increasingly connected to technology.

Consumption of the internet is also increasing due to the increasing use of social media including Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok. As consumption continues to rise, service providers are taking the expansion of the Internet as a priority.

With the expansion of mobile internet, 4G, and the growing demand for Fiber to the Home (FTTH), internet access in Nepal has been steadily increasing.

If we look at the monthly report issued by the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal, the regulatory body of the telecommunications sector, it is seen that the internet has reached an additional one percent of the total population of Nepal every month.

According to the NEA, 80.7 percent of the total population of Nepal had access to the Internet last October. The Internet has reached an additional 1.42 percent in a month.

According to the latest data released by NEA in December, 81.49 percent of the total population currently has access to the Internet.

The NEA has prepared the report on the basis of population projection (2011-2030). Of which, the total population of Nepal is 298.76 million 531.

From this point of view, the Internet has reached the reach of an additional 424,246 people from November to November.

According to the NEA, a total of 239,21,180 people had to access to the internet in November. He said that 24.3 million 47 thousand 1 hundred 47 people have access to the internet in November.

The biggest contributor to this is the mobile internet. The share of mobile internet is 59.67 percent. According to the NEA’s data for the month of December, the mobile internet has reached 3G at the current rate of 11 million 69 thousand 360.

Similarly, there are 6622,316 Forge users and 136,573 Evideo users. Ncell has the most users in Forge.

Ncell’s 4G users are currently more than 41.53 million while Nepal Telecom’s Forge users are more than 2.257 million.

Similarly, the share of fixed broadband is 21.04 percent. Of which, FTTH internet has reached 53 lakh 97 thousand 353 people.

Nepal Telecom has 8 lakh 86 thousand 37 ADSL users. Similarly, more than 233,000 have been connected through WiMAX and radio WiFi.




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