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i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

The i7 laptop price in Nepal is higher than that of an i3 or an i5 laptop, but this is largely due to its higher processing power. Professionals and users with high requirements tend to purchase an i7 laptop. There are many i7 laptop models in the Nepalese market, and their processor specs are coupled with the graphics card and memory to determine which segment of the market they belong to.

The Intel Core i7 laptop price in Nepal can range from around Rs. 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 and even more, depending on the specifications and the brand of laptop. This laptop is intended for users who want to play games and use it for professional video editing. It is also designed for people with money to spend and requires a high-end laptop. It is therefore essential to shop around to find the best i7 laptop for your needs.

The i7 laptop price in Nepal is considerably higher than the i3 or i5 processors. This is due to its superior processing capacity, which is why these models tend to be purchased by professionals and users with high requirements. Moreover, users without deep pockets also tend to favor i7 laptops if they are professionals such as video editors, animators, or full-time gamers. Therefore, you can see a lot of users buying these expensive i7 laptops using EMI even if they’re not able to buy them in one go. In Nepal, you can find i7 laptops of different generations, which you can easily discern by their processor and other specs. The i7 laptop price in Nepal is also higher than the price of an i5 laptop, which is a popular choice among students and professionals.

There are many different brands of i7 laptops in Nepal. The price of these i7 laptops may vary from brand to brand, as do other specs. It is essential that you understand the value proposition of each model before deciding on one. If you are unsure, read on to learn more about the i7 laptop price in Nepal.

i7 Laptops in Nepal

i7 laptops are high-level laptops that are geared toward attracting professional and high-caliber individuals users. Before buying an i7 laptop, you need to think about your requirements very carefully. If budget is of no concern, you can be carefree and choose the laptop only based on the price. However, if you have a very limited budget, you need to think about the offerings of the laptops very carefully and choose only if it adds a lot of value to you.

i7 laptops can be divided in terms of the distinct area of application and you need to focus on what your specific use case is. Knowing your use case can help you narrow down your ideal i7 laptop.
The most basic way we can segment the i7 laptops is according to the brands of the laptops. Different brands have altered customer perception, service centers’ availability, and prices which is why you need to see the Intel core i7 laptops according to brands.

We at InfoTechs have compiled this content so that you can easily browse different brands of i7 laptops in Nepal, and know their specifications and prices to make an informed decision.

Dell i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

Dell i7 laptop price in Nepal can be between 1,20,000/- to 2,65,000/- which means customers have a lot to choose from. Effective segregation of price by Dell makes it an attractive brand and people are certainly enticed by this.

Dell is an American company whose name has become synonymous with qualitative products and great service. Dell i7 laptops are priced at different ranges depending upon their storage, graphics, and design. A model like Dell Inspiron 7506 will cost you about 1,50,000/- but a premium model like Dell XPS could be at your doorstep for 2,61,000/-. Making a choice can be a bit hard but you need not worry. We have compiled a table of different Dell i7 models that you can buy at the touch of a button below:

HP i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

HP has a wide variety of i7 models one of which could be a great pick for you. HP i7 Laptops’ price in Nepal generally starts from around 1,20,000/- and can go up to 2,25,000/- depending upon the specs and design of the laptops. You can easily find i7 HP laptops suitable for your needs whether you need it for gaming, professional work, or anything else.

HP laptops are great in terms of design and even budget laptops have a spectacular design. If you are fishing for high-quality design in the i7 models of HP, your job will be even easier because of HP’s superior design. Make sure that you research different models from the table we have created for you and compare them according to specs and price to find the laptop that you want to use:

Asus i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

Asus i7 laptops are worthy of your attention as well as money because of their high-end functionality facilitated by specifications that almost feel unrealistic at times. Asus has a long list of available brands in Nepal making the choice much more difficult for you. Refer to this table prepared by InfoTechs Nepal so that you can easily find a model that you will find valuable.

Acer i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

Acer i7 laptops’ price in Nepal can go from 1,05,000/- to upwards of 2,15,000/- which is a little premium for a lot of users but that’s justified by the optimal performance delivered by these i7 laptops.


Acer’s i7 laptops are priced in a higher range than their i3 and i5 counterparts. That’s because the i7 processor-equipped Acer models boast serious performance. Among Acer Swift laptops in Nepal, a model like Acer Swift 3 will also cost you 105000/- which is a lot of money which is a lot of money but you are also getting the 11th generation i7 processor along with 256 GB SSD. You can find several other Acer laptops in Nepal with an i7 processor whose pricing depends on the specifications. To ease things a bit, we have compiled some of the best Acer i7 laptops that are available in Nepal.

Lenovo i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

Lenovo i7 laptops’ price in Nepal can vary from model to model according to the specs packed but generally, they start from around 1,10,000, go up to 2,00,000 with some models going even higher than 2,00,000/-.

Lenovo Laptops are among one of the popular laptops in Nepal that have managed to woo a lot of people because of their superior design and high-value functionality. At around 1,37,000/- Lenovo Legion is a great i7 model for you if you need a more than decent storage of 512GB SSD and 8 GB RAM. Lenovo has a long list of models for sale in the Nepalese market which is why you can choose the i7 models manufactured by Lenovo.

Mi i7 Laptop Price in Nepal

Of all the Xiaomi laptops available in Nepal currently, Mi Notebook Ultra is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and targeted toward advanced users. If you want to buy Mi’s i7 processor-equipped laptop, this is the laptop for you. At 1,36,999/-, the price of this laptop is a bit high but when considering its value, it is seriously worth it. It has an 11th generation i7 processor which is even better for all your processing needs.

How to Buy i7 Laptops in Nepal?

You can buy intel core i7 laptops in Nepal of different brands from InfoTechs Nepal. You have the choice of following any of these three methods that we have outlined for you:

Using Our Website

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Summary of i7 Laptop Price in Nepal


Can i7 Laptops be used for Gaming?

i7 laptops are high-end laptops with better processing power than i3 and i5 processors. So, i7 models coupled with decent storage (preferably an SSD) and a graphics unit can be a beast of a machine suitable for heavy gaming as well.

Are i7 laptops good for Students?

Yes. It is not compulsory for a student to have a high caliber i7 processor equipped laptop but if it's within your budget, i7 processors can be excellent for students as well.

Which Generation i7 Processors are the best?

Obviously, the latest generation i7 processors are the best option. If you want the best of the best, 11th or 12th generation i7 processors are the ideal choice. i7 10th generation laptops’ prices in Nepal are a bit modest and you can opt for these processors if your budget is a little limited.

Is Buying an Expensive i7 Processor worth it?

Yes and No! It really depends on your requirements as we always stress the importance of knowing your requirements before buying a laptop. If you have advanced needs that are facilitated by the high-power processor, go for it. If you have less stringent requirements, you’ll be better off with i3 and i5 laptops.

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