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i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Before you fall into a pit of desolation because you don’t have a luxurious budget to buy a very pricey laptop model, you might want to take a look at i3 processors equipped laptops. If you want to learn about the i3 laptop prices in Nepal, you have come to just the right place. i3 laptops provide the perfect blend of quality and modest price to many users and you could easily find the model fitting your requirements.


It is a fact that i3 laptops are not suitable for everyone. If you are a hardcore gamer, a seasoned video editor, or have advanced needs, i3 laptops are not for you. However, for a lot of people, i3 laptops can be more than enough- especially if you are looking for an entry-level laptop. If you have simple requirements and a tight budget, i3 laptops can be incredible save for you because you won’t have to spend all the extra money for features that you will not need.


i3 laptops’ prices in Nepal can be anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 generally with some models going even lower or higher than this range depending upon the model and specs packed in the laptop. Generally, i3 laptops of all brands are budget options that can be most suitable for students and entry-level users. 


i3 laptops in Nepal are entry-level laptops that are modest in terms of price and different brands are selling their i3 models. You just need to be a little patient and read this article to the end to find the model that suits you the best. i3 processors are pretty powerful and can fulfill your needs if your needs are not that advanced. 


We are going to talk about different kinds of users and segregate the laptops according to different brands in this article. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from making the process a bit difficult. Dell, HP, and Asus are some of the brands that have different core i3 models which could please you. Some of the different brands and their core i3 laptops in Nepal are shown below:

Dell i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Dell i3 laptops’ prices in Nepal are very affordable as you can find a model below 70,000 easily that can handle most non-strenuous tasks. Dell i3 laptops are pretty durable and value-providing for the price they will cost you.

Dell is one of the most notable brands in Nepal and it has a lot of i3 models that you can choose from. Dell- an American company has been known for its high-quality build and functionality. Dell is a very popular brand in Nepal and it has a large number of service centers which is just another reason to buy i3 laptops from Dell. As the options are too many, please take a look at this table to browse the core i3 model from Dell Latitude Series and Dell Vostro Series that best fits your budget and needs:

HP i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

HP i3 laptops’ prices in Nepal will not scare you because one can easily find a core i3 model of HP laptops between 60,000 and 70,000. These laptops are designed for basic tasks and you can find some incredible value providers in HP’s arsenal of i3 laptops.

HP is also a household name for Nepalese tech enthusiasts and it boasts a range of laptops in Nepal which includes several i3 models as well. Models like HP 14 DQ2033cl and HP 14 DQ2055WM feature 11th Gen i3 processors which can provide value and power for multitasking and productivity according to Intel. Refer to this table to see all the core i3 powered laptops from HP available in Nepal:

Asus i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Asus i3 laptops’ price in Nepal can be pretty modest and might just be the best pick for you as Asus’s i3 models can be yours for under 70,000 easily. A lot of Asus models are powered by Ryzen processors and you can search for models with Ryzen 3 processors as they are almost equivalent to each other.

Asus is a brand synonymous with high-quality products and is the world’s leader in motherboard and gaming brands. This Taiwanese-based company has several i3-powered models that you could buy and enjoy. This model of the Asus Vivobook laptop is a prime example of an i3-powered model that can still pack a punch as it has 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM which could be more than enough for lots of users. Please take a look at this table containing a detailed overview of Asus core i3 laptops in Nepal and their prices:

Acer i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Acer i3 laptops’ prices in Nepal are pretty contained as you can buy them from 60,000 to 70,000 generally while some of Acer’s laptops are even lower. Acer’s i3 laptops are just as trustworthy and can be fit for you given that your requirements are not so advanced.

Acer’s i3 models are some of the best value-providing laptops available in the market. The i3 models of Aspire series are very modest in their budget but go neck to neck with some high-end laptops in terms of functionality as well as looks. The new generation i3 processors make these machines an ideal candidate if you are a student or going to use the laptop for generic purposes.

Take a look at the table below where we have listed some of the popular Acer laptops in Nepal along with their prices that come equipped with an Intel i3 processor.

Lenovo i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Lenovo i3 laptops’ prices can be pretty modest as you will be grab one of the i3 models from Lenovo if you have a sum of around 60,000 to 70,000. This price can still be high for some people, but Lenovo’s i3-powered laptops are worth it because of their incredible build and trustworthiness.

Lenovo has captured the attention of a lot of tech enthusiasts because of its highly specialized design and functional specs. If you use your laptops for general movie watching, internet surfing, homework submission, and other light-weight purposes, Lenovo is a brand that can assist you. Ideapad series is one of the most notable series of Lenovo and it has several other core i3 models that could be the best choice for you. Find the model best suited for your needs from this table:

Mi i3 Laptop Price in Nepal

Xiaomi’s i3 laptop’s price in Nepal is 75,000/- which is pretty affordable as compared to its higher-end models. Currently, MI has only one i3 laptop in Nepal but that could very well change in the coming days, and different price ranges will likely be introduced.


Nepalese customers are welcoming Mi laptops after the incredible success of MI in the mobile market and Mi’s i3 laptop is the glaring proof of why people like Xiaomi’s laptops. Mi’s i3 laptop- RedmiBook 15 e-learning edition is seriously worth it because of its incredible value proposition at a minimal price.

How to Buy i3 Laptops in Nepal?

You can buy core i3 laptops in Nepal of different brands from InfoTechs Nepal. You have the choice of following any of these three methods that we have outlined for you:

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Summary of i3 Laptop Price in Nepal


Can i3 Laptops be used for Gaming?

I3 laptops can be a little inadequate if you are looking for an advanced game requiring high processing quality. You can find some models with additional graphics that can handle basic games easily.

Are i3 laptops good for Students?

Yes. i3 laptops are mostly used by students who have basic needs and also tighter budgets.

Is Core i3 a good laptop?

The Core i3 is a solid laptop processor that can handle most tasks well. There may be better options for demanding tasks like gaming or intense video editing. Still, it is sufficient for everyday use, such as browsing the web, streaming videos, and working on office tasks.

How fast is an i3 laptop?

The speed of an i3 laptop depends on multiple factors, including the processor model and the clock speed it operates at. In general, i3 laptops are known for their excellent performance and speed as they can easily handle most everyday tasks. The clock speed of Core i3 processors can range from 1.30 GHz to 3.50 GHz and features either 3 MB or 4 MB of cache.

Are i3 Laptops slow?

Depends on what you are using it for. If you choose the latest generation i3 processors and use laptops for not-so-advanced tasks, the performance won’t be slow.

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