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You can find a wide array of desktop computers in Nepal. Desktop suits all users, ranging from casual to professionals to gaming geeks. A desktop computer may be more efficient if high performance, upgradability, and cost-effectiveness are essential to you. As desktop computer comes in various types, you can choose your desired one depending upon your needs. Let’s explore the different types of desktops available in Nepal and their prices.

Desktop Price in Nepal

Desktop computers come in various types and configurations in Nepal, each tailored to different needs. They differentiate according to their specifications, performance, and form factor. Different types of desktop computers are available in Nepal, such as traditional personal computers, All-in-One PC, All-in-One Mini PC, Gaming Desktops, etc. Some available desktop PC price in Nepal is decent, whereas some with higher specs and performance can exceed lakhs of rupees. While it’s worth mentioning that desktop computer price in Nepal is quite similar to the price announced by companies.

Generally, any type of desktop computer available in Nepal, be it AIO, AIO Mini PC, or traditional PC, fall under the price range of 20,000 to 30,000 at the entry-level. You can get decent processors of i3, 4GB RAM, ample storage, and Intel HD Graphics in these price ranges. However, if you look for higher specs of 8GB RAM or above, i5 or i7 processors, 256GB SSD or above, and powerful graphics, the price may exceed 80,000 or above. The desktop computer offers more extraordinary specs in even a low-budget range than the laptops. Hence, they are much more affordable.

Looking forward to purchasing a PC? Make sure to research desktop prices in Nepal. The knowledge of the market is essential to guarantee a genuine and affordable product. You can also contact InfoTechs Nepal. InfoTechs Nepal is a leading laptop retailer in Nepal with expert advice and a broad range of desktop computer solutions to meet your requirements.

Reasons To Buy Desktop PC In Nepal

Generally, many people in Nepal prefer laptops as they are more convenient and portable. However, they might not offer the same level of performance as the desktop computer in the same price range. Personal Computers are more affordable than laptops, offering significantly more power performance and better specifications in the same budget range as laptops. As Laptops have a small and compact design, it has to integrate various components into a small chassis, whereas desktop has larger cases, allowing for a more spacious design. Hence, the former is more expensive.

Furthermore, desktops are more easily upgradeable, and their components can be easily replaceable according to changing needs and demand. They also have advanced cooling systems due to their larger size, which allows for better heat dissipation during heavy usage. The desktop computers seem much more advantageous in terms of connectivity options, battery life, storage capacity, comfort, longevity, and cost. The powerful hardware in the desktop helps in efficient multitasking enabling users to run multiple applications simultaneously without significant performance degradation. Gaming is also much more smooth and immersive on a desktop computers.

Therefore, this versatility makes desktop computers popular for home users, gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses requiring robust computing capabilities. Hence, you should opt for a desktop for power performance and affordability. You can choose your preferred desktop PC from wide range of specs and price available in Nepal.

Desktop Computer Available In Nepal

Each type of desktop PC caters to different needs and preferences of the individual. There are options available for various computing tasks and requirements. If you are in a dilemma about which to choose, we can help you with some of the widely available desktops in Nepal. Some of the popular ones are listed below. Let’s explore the desktop and their price in the Nepalese market.

All-in-one PC

All-in-one (AIO) PC is a line of desktop computers with all components integrated into the monitor. It means there’s no separate tower or simply CPU. As the monitor integrates all the components like CPU, motherboard, memory, storage, and GPU, the setup looks organized and compact. You can also choose an AIO according to your needs as they are available in various specifications such as i5 or i7 processors, Nvidia or AMD graphics, RAM options, storage options, etc. The popularity of AIO has inclined in recent times in Nepal as they are highly convenient and affordable. There are fewer components to connect in AIO PC. Hence it makes the setup look aesthetically pleasing. The AIO has various ports and connectivity options and offers a seamless connection to various peripherals and internet devices. Therefore, It also does not compromise on the performance level and provides a top-tier performance with efficient power and cable management.

All-in-One Mini PC

Mini PCs are compact desktop computers that are smaller in size than the traditional desktop PC. They are designed in such a way that it integrates all computer components into a single unit. This design helps in space-saving and energy efficiency. They are suitable for environments where space is a major concern, as the setup is highly portable and does not need much space. Mini PC perform on low power so that they are energy-efficient. As they are also available in different processors, graphics, storage, and size specifications, you can choose the one that fits your requirement. The Mini PC is highly portable and inexpensive. But inexpensiveness does not depict its performance. While they have some limitations like the upgradability and power performance like the desktop computer or laptops, they are known for offering enough performance for basic tasks and sometimes even more demanding applications. Due to its space-saving facility, low-powered components, and performance, Mini PC is also receiving significant popularity in Nepal. You can find a wide colleciton of AIO Mini PC with top-notch specifications in Nepal.


iMac is an All-in-one PC designed and developed by Apple. Being a pioneer in the All-in-One desktop category, the iMac offers powerful computational abilities. The iMac is famous for its sleek, elegant design and aesthetically pleasing look. It is characterized by high-quality Retina displays, advanced processors, macOS, ample storage, and a wide range of connectivity options. The iMac offers some of the most versatile and advanced features among its competitors, making it a favorite among creative professionals and general users for various creative tasks like video editing, content creation, multimedia consumption, graphics designing, animations, etc. Furthermore, they are built with high-quality materials and are available in screen sizes like 21-inch, 24-inch or 27-inch. The iMac gives that Apple experience with its durability and reliability, often lasting for years without significant hardware or software issues. No wonder it is a popular choice among various users. You can also find iMacs in Nepal. Though it is pretty expensive than the other AIO, it’s worth the money. If you are interested in getting one of them, Contact InfoTechs Nepal.

Where to buy desktop computers at the best price in Nepal?

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Brief About Desktop PC Price In Nepal

It’s crucial to keep in mind that desktop PC has lots of dissimilarities due to its design and specs. Moreover, the desktop price in Nepal ranges from Rs 20,000, easily surpassing Rs 200,000. The table below shows the PC price in Nepal, so make sure to check them out. But desktop PC prices can vary from store to store and time of the year.

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Is i5 good for desktops?

Intel Core i5 processors are considered suitable for desktops. The i5 processors offer a good balance of performance and affordability, making them popular choices for many users. It is more than sufficient for users who engage in web browsing, word processing, multimedia consumption, content creation, coding, and even some gaming.

How much does a Desktop cost in Nepal?

The entry-level cost for any kind of desktop, like the traditional desktop computer, All-in-One PC, or Mini PC, is around Rs. 20,000 in Nepal. You can find some decent-performing desktops with regular specifications in that price range. However, the price might exceed some lakhs if you want top-tier performance with advanced specs.

Which is better, a desktop or a laptop?

If portability and convenience are your need, go with a laptop. But a desktop will be a better fit if you want better performance and top specifications in an affordable price range. Generally, desktops provide better performance and specs than laptops in the same price range. The only problem with the desktop is it is space-consuming, and the laptop is space-efficient.

Is PC and desktop the same?

Desktop and PC are closely related but not the same. A desktop is a type of PC designed to stay in one place, while a PC, known as a personal computer, is any computer used for general purposes.

What is the average life of a desktop computer?

The average lifespan of a desktop computer is between four to eight years. But it may vary depending on how well you maintain and upgrade your PC and the type and intensity of your usage.

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