MacBook Air Price in Nepal

If you want to take the authentic experience of using the laptop, then the Apple MacBook Air is the one whose design is unparalleled. In Nepal, most users are entangled with Windows laptops as it is evident that the price of Mac Air in Nepal is above 1 lakhs while they get a decent windows laptop for under 1 lakh. But they are never enlightened about how buggy the Windows OS becomes after using it for a year. The mac OS will remain stable even after years of usage. Apple has one of the world-class ecosystems meaning you can get all your things seamlessly done within the Apple products. The product & service you have been using on your iPhone and iPad will be available in MacBook.

The MacBook Air price in Nepal falls in the bracket of 1.4 to 1.7 lakhs for 13-inch M1 chip while the price of MacBook Air with M2 chip is above 2 lakhs. Weighing below 1.3 KG, the MacBook Air 13 is ergonomically designed with a backlit keyboard. It comes with an Apple M1 chip that clocks at 2.0 GHz, which is pretty reliable computing power that efficiently completes your work.

Even Though the MacBook Air price in Nepal is high, you will never get any better Windows laptop than a MacBook Air with an M1 chip in the price range. We recommend you increase your budget and go for the MacBook Air. It is not just a luxury product but a must own gadget to enjoy doing the job artistically. The demand for MacBook Air 13 never settles because of its portability. It has a 13.3″ screen size, which makes this MacBook very compact & light on weight. M1 and M2 MacBook Air is why most university students abroad are after this particular notebook.

Reasons To Buy MacBook Air

When the price is not the constraint for buying a laptop, there are enough reasons to buy a MacBook Air. A good display, battery life, processor, performance, well-built chassis, portable & lightweight, well designed and so on. The trackpad on MacBook Air won’t require you to buy another mouse as you can easily navigate most applications. Below are some of the unique reasons for you to buy a Mac Air

  1. If you have been using an iPhone or any other Apple product, then buying MacBook Air is another stepping stone into the Apple ecosystem.
  2. MacBook Air has made an image as the must-own product if you are a professional who has to do lots of presentations, and requires easy convenience while carrying in the bag.
  3. All the essential applications you need for routine work tasks come pre-installed with MacBook Air.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

The classic difference between MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro is pricing, as the Pro will be 10-20 grand more expensive than Air for the same base models. Apple always ensures that no two products overlap in terms of pricing. The MacBook Air is the ultrabook for general users who desire higher portability and can compromise on not getting the highest but higher performance. But MacBook Pro is truly for Professionals who are pixel perfect in their work for graphics designing and other intensive tasks.


You will encounter the 13-inch variant in both Air & Pro, each having both M1 & M2 chips. You will get 2-3 hours more battery backup in the 13-inch MacBook Air compared to the MacBook Pro. Also, the MacBook Air is 2-3 hundred grams lighter than MacBook Pro. Connectivity ports like HDMI are left out to make the MacBook Air as thin as possible, impacting your buying decision. The screen resolution in MacBook Pro is higher than in MacBook Air.


Numerous nitty-gritty technical differences exist, but we will highlight them based on the user requirements. If you want to use this ultrabook for checking work-related emails, surfing the internet, and occasionally performing editing & other light tasks, then buying a MacBook Air can be sufficient. You will only spend the actual value with MacBook Pro if you need maximum power & performance to do tasks that require cooling down the processor. Air is lighter & portable, while Pro is heavier & bulky but with better specifications.

Apple Macbook Air M1 Price in Nepal

The MacBook Air M1 with 8GB RAM & 256 GB storage is the most widely available & purchased product as it is the best value for the industry and academic people. The Apple Mac Air M1 price in Nepal starts from Rs. 1,50,000 for the base variant that comes with 8GB RAM & 256 GB storage. It is pretty fast, and you can enjoy everything with this product, including Apple’s reliable hardware & great battery life. The M1 chip has CPU, GPU, I/O, etc., packed into a single chip. Apple claims that MacBook Air M1 has a battery backup of up to 18 hours which is its idle backup on low settings. In the 13-inch MacBook Air, you get a Retina display and up to 16 GB RAM & 2 TB storage. Below is the price of the Mac Air 2022 in Nepal, showing the RAM & storage specification.

Apple MacBook Air (M1)Price in Nepal
MacBook Air 13 (M1, 8/256GB)Rs. 1,49,900
MacBook Air 13 (M1, 8/512GB)Rs. 1,79,990
MacBook Air (M1, 16/512GB)Rs. 2,25,000
MacBook Air (2020, Core i7, 8/512GB)Rs. 2,16,000
MacBook Air (2020, Core i5, 8/512GB)Rs. 2,02,000
MacBook Air (2020, Core i3, 8/512GB)Rs. 2,03,000
MacBook Air (2020, Core i3, 8/256GB)Rs.1,59,500

Macbook Air M2 Price in Nepal

For the same stock Mac Air with 8GB RAM & 256 GB storage, you will have to spend 50,000 more for the MacBook Air M2 chip than the M1. Well, to say the actual cost, the MacBook Air M2 price in Nepal is upwards of 2,00,000. Though it is technically a better MacBook, the average user won’t utilize the value of the M2 chip. The latest generation M2 chip from Apple boosts the overall performance. Apple claims that for video editing with a MacBook Air M2 chip, you get up to 1.4x faster than MacBook Air M1, provided other storage and specs remain the same. Also, MacBook Air M2 is lighter at just 1.2 KG; the noticeable difference is that it comes with a 1080p webcam.


Apple MacBook Air (M2)Price in Nepal
MacBook Air (M2, 8/256GB, eight-core GPU)Rs. 1,99,000
MacBook Air (M2, 8/512GB, ten-core GPU)Rs. 2,48,000
MacBook Air (M2, 24/2TB)Rs. 4,10,000

Where to Buy Apple MacBook Air in Nepal?

There is no better option than InfoTechs Nepal, which is the ideal place to go if you’re considering buying an Apple MacBook Air in Nepal. In addition to offering a variety of inexpensive MacBooks, InfoTechs Nepal also offers complimentary gifts with laptop purchases. You can have complete confidence in our items because InfoTechs is a reputable laptop retailer offering our esteemed clients genuine laptops and accessories. We provide our customers with speedy delivery, the safest possible payment methods, and a cash-on-delivery alternative. The easy actions you must take to complete your order are mentioned below :

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Direct phone call

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In-store purchase

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Additional Benefits

InfoTechs Nepal also includes free laptop goodies with every laptop purchase. A laptop bag, cleaner, earphones, and a mouse are among the freebies. In addition, purchasing a laptop from our store comes with a year of service warranty.


What is MacBook Air price in Nepal?

Apple laptops being manufactured in California are expensive for consumers in Nepal. Still, the MacBook Air is a little cheaper than the MacBook Pro. So the price of the MacBook Pro M1 starts from Rs. 150,000 & MacBook Pro M2 in Nepal is Rs. 2,00,000 for the base variant. But the price depends on the specifications.

Is MacBook Air a good option for students?

Yes, MacBook Air is an excellent option for university students. They can purchase the entry-level model 8/256 GB. MacBook Air is cool and quiet, which lasts even after many years of usage. But you have to compromise with gaming and downloading pirated software. They're solid-built, incredible powerhouses with high storage capacity, making them extremely capable of completing any academic task.

Is 256 GB of memory enough for the MacBook Air?

It depends on whether you store files in an organized manner or randomly. It is the question to be answered by yourself before you make the buying decision. We can only say that for browsing & other online activities, 256 GB is sufficient.

Who should buy a MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is a portable and reliable device that requires low maintenance when used normally. You won't be able to do heavy tasks like video editing & gaming. In short, it is for business folks who want a lightweight, reliable device for fast browsing.

Why is the Apple MacBook costly?

The MacBook is compelling and durable, thanks to its aluminum body. The aluminum body makes it an expensive product, and the fact that aluminum products take time and precision also adds to its cost.

Does MacBook Air have a touch screen?

The MacBook Air does not have a touchscreen because Apple prefers indirect input with their Macs. The screen of the MacBook Air is not ideal for recognizing the touches

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