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All-in-One PC, also known as AIO, are becoming more famous because of their space-saving design. People are interested in AIO and getting it as this trend only increases. Featuring an integrated design, the modern and elegant-looking AIO has captivated users with different needs. AIO is the best option if you seek a streamlined and space-saving solution for your PC. Let's explore the current prices of All In One PC in Nepal and find out which one is suitable for you.

All-in-One PC price in Nepal

The All-in-One(AIO) PC is a line of personal computers that integrates all its components into a single unit, including the CPU, motherboard, memory, storage, and GPU. The integrated design helps in space saving by eliminating the need for a separate tower. However, like desktop computers, they have a keyboard and mouse for user input. And these peripherals can be easily connected through USB or other compatible ports. The All In One Desktop is mainly suitable for environments where space efficiency is crucial, such as homes, offices, schools, and small businesses. The integrated AIO system helps provide a compact and tidy computing experience without compromising performance.

The All-in-One PC is also available in Nepal. You can find AIO PC from various brands in the market. The price of AIO varies according to the brand models and specifications. However, the entry-level All-in-One Pc price in Nepal starts from Rs.40,000. You can find a decent-performing AIO with low-end specifications in that price range. But if you want All In One Computer with a better processor, graphics, display quality, memory, and storage that can perform demanding and intensive tasks, you can easily get one in a premium price range.

AIO has gained significant popularity among users for its elegant and space-saving design. Many people are also opting for an All in One pc in Nepal. If you are also willing to get one, then InfoTechs Nepal offers a wide range of AIO PC from different brands at a competitive price.

Top All-In-One Computer Brand & Prices In Nepal

You can find various brands offering some of the best All In One PC in Nepal. As the interest for AOI PC is only going upward, these top brands are competing with each other to provide the finest AIO to take over the market. Now without further ado, let’s discuss some of them and get an overview of All In One PC prices in Nepal.


MSI, also known as Micro-Star International, is one of the well-known companies in the tech industry. Even though they are famous for graphics cards, they also build All-in-One PC. The best thing about MSI AIO is its performance and connectivity options. MSI also pays special attention to its design aesthetics, graphics possibilities, high-quality audio, and user-friendly interface. Moreover, they have solid build quality and customer support, making them a reliable option for an All-in-One Pc worth the investment. MSI offers premium AIO in an exceptional price range of over Rs. 50,000.


Dell is a giant in the tech industry, and they have all types of products and accessories. All In One Pc is also one of Dell’s major products. A Dell All In One computer’s price in Nepal is usually around Rs 80,000 and can go beyond Rs 300,000 for the high-end specs you choose. In terms of design, Dell AIO pc are appealing with modern and sleek designs. Dell offers some of the best AIO PC in the world and has been among the best. So, they are worth it.


One of the oldest and most well-known brands, HP is one of the top tech brands that offer some of the best All-in-One PC for different users to cater to their diverse needs and requirement. HP All-In-One PC is available at the best price in Nepal. Most HP All-in-One PC has an attractive modern design. The HP AlOs are also known to give decent to top-tier performance. However, the performance also depends upon your chosen specs and what you use it for. As Hp is a premium brand with excellent build quality, software, and customer support, their product also comes at a premium price. Generally, HP All-in-One PC prices in Nepal are above Rs. 70000.


Apple also offers an All-in-one PC or commonly known as iMac, for space efficiency and performance. The iMac is consistently voted among the top-performing All-in-One PC among various brands. Featuring a modern, sleek, and visually pleasing design, the iMac offers a stunning display, audio quality, camera, and performance even in its base variant, making it a favorite among customers are various needs. The iMac is available in Nepal are premium price. The Apple iMac Price in Nepal is above 2 lakhs in Nepal. The cost differs according to various specifications and display dimensions.


Lenovo also offers some of the best AIO in Nepal. Lenovo AIO has high-speed Intel processors, slim designs, elegant looks, space-saving design with an FHD display, and flawless performance. The price of Lenovo All-in-one is usually above Rs. 80,000 in Nepal. Lenovo All In One desktop is available for Home, office, and other professional use where space is a major concern.


Samsung All-in-One offers top specifications and performance. Samsung AIO has an elegant look with stunning display quality and touch features. It also provides a powerful computing feature in a compact design. They are powered by powerful processors for efficiency and offer exceptional graphical capabilities. Samsung also designed the latest AIO model to compete with Apple’s iMac.

Difference Between Desktop Computers and AIl-in-One PC

The desktop and All-in-One PC are both a line of personal computers, but they do have differences. The main difference is their form factor. Desktop computers have separate components like a CPU, Keyboard, and Mouse connected to a desk. In contrast, All-in-One PC integrates components such as the display, CPU, and other hardware into a single unit. Because of this reason, desktop computers require more space, and AIO is more space-sufficient. As AIO comes in a single unit, they are also highly portable. Another key difference is desktop computers allow for system customization and upgradability, whereas All-in-One PC offers limited room for upgradation and customization due to their compact design. Also, respiration and maintenance are pretty expensive for AIO. Therefore, desktops are considered more versatile than the All-in-One PC. However, AIO has better cable management because of its integrated design. Furthermore, desktop computers in Nepal are affordable, whereas AIO is expensive due to its space-saving design.

Advantages of using AIO PC

The main advantage of AIO PC is its space-saving design. The AIO allows for a clean, organized, and compact workspace setup. It helps attain a clutter-free environment by removing unnecessary items and creating an aesthetically pleasing workspace. AIO is perfect for small living spaces and shared work areas. It’s also relatively easy to set up the workstation. Users only have to connect the necessary peripherals and do not have to deal with multiple cables and components. The integrated design offers a built-in display which helps to provide an immersive visual experience for creative works. The all-in-one PC is also available for many users, from students to casual to professionals. And, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, all-in-one PCs allow users to connect to the internet and peripheral devices wirelessly, offering seamless connectivity and flexibility.

Where to buy All-in-One PC in Nepal

If you are having trouble finding a store that offers a genuine and premium All-in-One PC in Nepal, then InfoTechs Nepal is the best store for you. InfoTechs Nepal is a famous and renowned laptop store in Nepal. We offer guaranteed products and provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. We genuinely care about our customers and look forward to providing the best product that suits their needs and requirements. If you are looking forward to buying an All-in-One PC, then visit our official website or our physical store located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. We also offer consultation on the best laptops suitable for you. Do contact us for any of your computing needs.

Summary of All-in-One Computer Prices in Nepal

To conclude, InfoTechs Nepal offers a wide variety of All In Once Computers from some top brands, ranging from around Rs 50,000. The price can go up quickly depending on the specifications and models. We continuously add new AIO on our website, so don’t forget to visit us repeatedly. Below is a table with all the available All In One PC with their prices you can get your hands on.

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Are All-in-One Computers Slow?

The performance of All-in-One Computer depends upon the processor, RAM, and graphics. Since they are available in different configurations and models, you must consider them according to your need. Entry-level AIO comes with low-end specifications and may offer decent performance, whereas high-end AIO may provide high performance and speed.

Is all-in-one better than a desktop?

Both types of computers have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. All-in-One is suitable for a minimalist, clean, organized setup with portability and ease. But a desktop computer will be a better option for upgradeability, customization, and performance.

Do all-in-one computers last long?

Like any other device, the lifespan of the all-in-one computer depends upon the build quality and usage. And, because the all-in-one pc cannot be upgraded so easily, the system may be outdated. Hence, proper use, maintenance, and keeping up with software updates can increase the lifespan of AIO PC up to 5 years and above.

Does All-in-one PC have a battery?

The AIO does not have an in-built battery. AIO requires a continuous power system to function. The absence of a battery allows them to keep a slim and compact form factor with all components integrated into the monitor. This feature helps to ensure space-saving.

What is the disadvantage of an All-in-One PC?

The disadvantage of an All-in-one PC is that certain hardware upgrades or repairs might require professional servicing because of the integrated design. Rather than that, it is a perfect choice for the combination of performance, affordability, and space-saving in a single device.

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