Acer Swift Series Laptop in Nepal

Acer has divided its laptop into product series like Aspire, Swift, Nitro, Predator, Travelmate, Chromebook, and Spin. Acer is known for producing laptops that are excellent value for the money. Continuing their motivation, the Acer swift series comes with a metal casing that provides a sleek design. The laptop is easy to carry around as the design is thin and light. The maximum display size for the Acer swift series laptop is 15-inch. You will have to look for another Acer laptop series if you want a 17-inch display. Before you jump into another Acer laptop, the benefit of Acer Swift is that it offers a wide choice of specifications.

If you want a lightweight laptop that makes you forget that you have something in your bag, then the Acer Swift Series price in Nepal is the best in the lightweight laptop segment. Acer Swift is a competitively priced laptop which is what Acer does best. 

Let us explore the various Acer Swift series available in Nepal.

Acer Swift 3 Overview

One always has to compromise with the webcam when buying the laptop, which is not the case with Acer Swift 3 as it comes with a 1080P webcam. Mostly you will find the Acer Swift 3 with a 14-inch display from FHD to QHD. But there are a plethora of combinations to choose between Intel or AMD processor and graphics card. The specs you get are dependent on the launch date of the model. In 2022 you will get the 11th generation and above for Intel and Ryzen 7 for AMD processors. The silver colour variant is widely available for Acer Swift 3, and Aluminum is the design material that makes the laptop weigh around 1.2 KG. If you still feel this is heavy, you can choose Acer Swift 5.

You can get the 2022 launched Acer Swift 3 price in Nepal at around Rs. 95,000 based on the specification combinations. The Acer Swift 3 with core i5-1240P price in Nepal is Rs. 97,000. It has an Intel Alder Lake-P series processor with 12 cores and 16 threads with a power consumption of 28 Watt, which can impact your battery life.

Acer Swift 5 Overview

Acer Swift 5 is also available with combinations you can get with Acer Swift 3. They both have similar connectivity. But Acer Swift 5 is priced higher than Acer Swift 3. The reason being it is even more lightweight than its predecessor weighing below 1KG. Well, the design material of Acer Swift 5 is Aluminum, Magnesium & Lithium alloy. Like Swift 3, you will most likely encounter a 14″ variant. 

The Swift 5 has a 92.22% Screen-to-Body Ratio, while the Swift 3 only had 86%. Also, you get the 16:10 screen ratio on swift 5, which was limited to 16:9 on Acer Swift 3. The Swift 5 also comes with a touch screen and a matte display panel. If you are into lightness and other design improvements, the Acer Swift 5 price in Nepal is Rs. 1,00,0000. The Swift 5 can be bought by someone involved in professional editing work.

Acer Swift 7 Overview

Acer Swift 7 was first launched in 2018 and has made its spot as the thinnest and lightest laptop weighing 890 gm and less than 10 mm in thickness. The design material of Swift 7 is Magnesium chassis, which is more sturdy than aluminum. It comes with a Full HD 13.3-inches of ZeroFrame display which means that it has a four-sided narrow bezel screen. It has a touchscreen display. The 1080p resolution ensures that sharp and rich images with perfect viewing angles are given to the user. 

The keyboard layout is different to the usual key placement one is used to. Still, after a little adjusting, you will find that the backlit keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience. The 8th Gen Core i7 processor powers swift, the integrated GPU has been upgraded to Intel UHD Graphics 615, and the storage space is 512GB SSD. It comes with 16GB RAM and decent battery life, providing support for 7-plus hours. If these features appeal to you and match your requirements, the Acer Swift 7 price in Nepal is Rs. 120,800.

Acer Swift X Pro Overview

Following the thin and lightweight design, Acer X Pro also falls in the same arena. It weighs only 1.39 kg, and the thickness is around 18mm. The build material is metal chassis which gives it a premium look, and the color option is available in gold, pink and black. It comes with a 14-inch IPS panel and Full HD resolution. The thin bezels account for 85.73% of the screen-to-body ratio.

The Swift X Pro comes with both Intel and AMD processors. It comprises the Ryzen 7 5800U in the AMD version, which is available in Nepal, and with NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti GPU, which makes tasks such as gaming and video editing a smooth experience. It has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. Another exciting feature of this laptop is that it includes cool air to pass through the keyboard. The Acer Swift X Pro price in Nepal is Rs. 168,000 for the Ryzen 7 5800U processor version.

Why buy Acer Swift Laptops in Nepal?

If you are contemplating whether or not to buy an Acer Swift laptop in Nepal, you won’t regret it because the service and product are the best in this price range. Acer, a favourite consumer brand in Nepal, has authentic goods and service centres, so you should not be worried about repairing your laptop if any issue arises.

Acer has always tried to make the best laptops at an affordable price, and you will undoubtedly have the best experience while using the laptop in every way. For budget-conscious people, Acer Swift laptops might be the right match for you because of their budget-friendly laptop price and the fact that they don’t compromise on features. The build and specifications of Acer Swift laptops are guaranteed to be solid and attractive simultaneously.

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